Experienced Agents I Work With

“Kelly is the kind of Branch Manager an agent dreams of. He is for agents, he is always available to help when you need him, he’s a problem solver, a ‘get it done’ kind of guy and he doesn’t mind shaking things up if he sees fit. He has spent a significant amount of time with our team working on elevating all of our marketing materials, his input is valuable, and he keeps us on track when business pulls us away. He has years of experience and a great resource when we need advice and he tackles new technology as it is available. He’s been a great mentor to the younger agents in our office but has the depth and strength to guide the veteran agents well. We have really enjoyed getting to know him as a person and really appreciate having his support and leadership in our office. Our business has already benefitted significantly from him. We are big fans!”

– Sharla & Eric Stafford

“Kelly is a great manager.  He is always supportive and makes himself available.  He provides in depth and consistent training opportunities in our office, not only for the new agents, but for the experienced agents as well. “

– Lori Hogan

“Kelly is great to have as a manager because he makes himself available and provides us with consistent training and support – addressing current trends and technology.”

– Terri Danielson

“Kelly does a fantastic job leading the office. He is able to use his past experience in the real estate industry to improve the business of each and every Realtor in the organization. He has a unique ability to connect with the Realtors and other clients that he encounters.”

– Dave Perry