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Common Divorce Situations

Both Agree to Sell Home

Both partners are cordial and agree they are getting a divorce. All though a tough situation both partners are willing to work together for best financial outcome of real estate assets. One or both partners need new home and need to sell current home.

One Partner Needs New Home

Both partners have agreed that one of the partners needs a new home as the other partner is staying in the current home for the immediate future. Real estate guidance is needed for timing in relationship to any court orders, or the divorce decree/stipulation being finalized by the courts.

No Mutual Agreement Yet

Things are heated for one or more of the partners. The divorce may also simply be in early stages. Interviewing potential attorneys, possible move out of the marital home looming for one of the partners. Potential real estate options needed asap.

Know Your Real Estate Options

Connect with us to answer your questions and discuss options for your specific situation, timeline, and ideal outcome. Even in the best of circumstances, divorce is not an easy move, we have been there, we understand, and we know there is a lot at stake then just a house, it is your home. One of our qualified licensed real estate team members will contact you directly typically within hours of submitting a request.

From gathering information about yourself and partner, to adhering to any court orders on real estate property division, know that your inquiry will be handled with care and confidentiality. Many times one partner or both may know a real estate agent, deciding on an agent one partner knows can be hard to agree on. Many times, there are private matters and financial information one or both partners do not want to share with a friend that is also an agent or closer to one of the partners.

Get started, get educated, get referrals to insure no matter your situation, know that it will be temporary, we will provide a road map to be part of the solution, part of the real estate plan to a new chapter.

Work With Kelly

For nearly 30 years, I have been getting high marks from clients and agents to achieve successful transactions during good times and challenging times. I believe in clear communication, strategic marketing, networking solutions and a no nonsense approach for selling or buying your primary residence, investment property or cabin. Listening to my clients wants and needs carefully to advise them on solutions for financing, contingency, and inspection options is just part of what you can expect if we decide to work together. I look forward to meeting you!