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When deciding which company to partner your license with, whether you're an experienced agent or just starting out, it is of equal, if not greater importance, to choose the right manager for your professional growth. I possess a well-documented track record of working effectively with both seasoned and novice agents. I have successfully navigated the challenges of the field and take great joy in imparting these essential skills to others. With years of experience in management, coaching, and attentive listening, I am fully prepared to face any challenges that come your way and provide unwavering support. I am committed to sharing, coaching, and assisting you in your real estate endeavors. It is both my privilege and my solemn commitment to our agents.


Onboarding and Sustained Agent Assistance

Whether you're a new agent embarking on your journey with our team or an experienced agent looking to expand your business and implement effective systems, we are dedicated to providing continuous coaching and support from the moment you join us. Our comprehensive onboarding process equips you to hit the ground running, allowing you to match your progress to your own efforts. We ensure that you are fully functional by revealing the behind-the-scenes efficiencies, enabling you to concentrate on building your client base.

From essentials such as business cards, standard and personalized signage, and establishing an online presence at both local and national levels, to managing email communication, crafting beautiful listing presentations, and accessing our remarkable Listing Concierge marketing options, we are here to serve as your guiding light.

After you've successfully completed the onboarding process, our commitment to your growth continues with ongoing coaching and support. Every week, we offer various group learning sessions to help you refine your skills. Additionally, I personally provide one-on-one coaching to assist you in effectively managing your real estate business. Furthermore, our partnership with Coldwell Banker offers access to a wide range of continuing education classes covering various real estate topics, which are conveniently held at any of our office locations.

Our team is experiencing growth, and I invite you to contact me confidentially for a meeting to learn more about transferring to our team or how to embark on a rewarding journey in one of the most dynamic industries and office environments!


Kelly is the kind of Branch Manager an agent dreams of. He is for agents, he is always available to help when you need him, he’s a problem solver, a ‘get it done’ kind of guy and he doesn’t mind shaking things up if he sees fit. He has spent a significant amount of time with our team working on elevating all of our marketing materials, his input is valuable, and he keeps us on track when business pulls u...

— Sharla & Eric S.


Kelly does a fantastic job leading the office. He is able to use his past experience in the real estate industry to improve the business of each and every Realtor in the organization. He has a unique ability to connect with the Realtors and other clients that he encounters.

— Dave P.


Kelly is a great manager. He is always supportive and makes himself available. He provides in-depth and consistent training opportunities in our office, not only for the new agents, but for the experienced agents as well.

— Lori H.


Kelly is great to have as a manager because he makes himself available and provides us with consistent training and support – addressing current trends and technology.

— Terri D.


I have known Kelly for many years. He knows his stuff and he is there for his clients to find the best home for their needs. I totally recommend Kelly!

— Tammy R.

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For nearly 30 years, I have been getting high marks from clients and agents to achieve successful transactions during good times and challenging times. I believe in clear communication, strategic marketing, networking solutions and a no nonsense approach for selling or buying your primary residence, investment property or cabin. Listening to my clients wants and needs carefully to advise them on solutions for financing, contingency, and inspection options is just part of what you can expect if we decide to work together. I look forward to meeting you!